News about me

I have a lot of news for you! 🙂

I was busy lately with a sewing course I’m taking here in Timișoara. I’m so happy that this opportunity came to me. I’m still trying to adapt to my new schedule, but for everything I learn there, it’s worth it! (I will write a blog post and a review about it soon.)

I’m happy with my new additions for my sewing space. I brought a new shelving unit from ikea  (you can find it here).

I dream to have a sewing room just for me, different than my bedroom :)) Decorated in white, violet and turqoise colors. Everything I bought for my future sewing space has one of these colors.

I’m waiting for my first triplock sewing machine, and I also bought some small tools useful in sewing (I will have a post about these too 🙂 ).

Meanwhile, I’m also working at a new logo and image for my blog. And a tulle skirt collection!!!

This year will be a year full of change for violetCurlies!





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