Meet Suzanna

Suzanna is my new assistant! She came from Bucharest to help me in my new sewing studio! I’m so happy! 🙂

DSCN1335 - CopyIMG_20160715_181658


My sewing tools

Hello everyone! Today I will show you my sewing tools. Some of them are quite new on my desk and some of them are a few years old. Hope you will find it useful!

1. My sewing machine


I love it! It was a dream come true some years ago when I bought it, as a present for myself. I love the violet color on it!

2. My new serger machine


I don’t know yet so many details about it, I’m at the learning stage right now.

3. Paper for patterns


4. Pattern weights


I have this creative idea from
I want to color them somehow, in a future post I will show you the experiment 🙂

5. Burda copy paper


Very useful if you want to copy the patters directly on the fabric.

6. Marking tools: pencils, tailor’s Chalk, soap and a black erasable crayon


Pencil for pattern making, tailor’s chalk, soap & erasable crayons for fabric.

7. Marking device


I use them for Burda copy paper. One for thin fabrics and one for thick materials.

8. Rulers (Measuring tape, ruler, pattern-making ruler – curve ruler)


9. Scissors (fabric scissor, small scissor)


I have some cheap ones, but I plan to buy a new high quality scissor, just for fabrics.
(Good to know: don’t every cut paper with your fabric scissors, it will be damaged quickly, also it’s best to have your own scissor, and don’t give it to someone else for use, because every persona has it’s unique way to use it and it will damage the scissor multiple ways to use it in your hand)

10. Needles & pins


I have some cheap pins, they are not so good because are short and some of them are not sharpened, I must buy some new ones, longer and with a large head.
11. Pin cushion


I love it because it’s violet and has a heart form.

12. Seam ripper


That’s my favourite tool!! It’s so useful!

13. Bobbins


I bought more bobbins then what my sewing machine has brought.

14. Threads


I have most of my threads from my mother, and also I started to buy my own.

15. Table for my sewing machines

I have a small one, probably the same age as me 🙂 you can see it in my previous photos.
I hope in the future to have a new one, much larger for both my sewing machines. Meanwhile I keep on the table the sewing machine where I currently work, and the other one on my ikea utility cart.

16. Ikea Utility cart (for all of my small tools)


I love my turquoise utility cart, it’s so useful (I dream to have my own sewing room in white, violet and turquoise color palette)

17. Ikea Shelving unit (for all my fabrics)


It’s one of my last acquisitions and it’s so useful to store fabrics and have them at hand! I recommend it! In future I will bought a new large one from the same ikea family (kallax).

Happy sewing everyone!